Kat Koan is an electro clash artist who fell in love with a guitar sound and made an album based around that guitar sound (she says).

Working long-distance with a Belgian producer, guitarist and songwriter who she met online and had never met in person, they started sending bits of music and snatches of ideas back and forth.

At some point they long-distance-jammed on the Kylie Minogue song Slow, and somehow this song and their treatment of it formed the centre that the rest of the album would end up congealing around.

This is the third single from the upcoming album Cocoon; the first, Lost Souls, puts down a stake in the ground: it is unashamedly dirty guitar-driven indie rock with hints of Garbage and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs; and the second one is deliciously, playfully provocative with its repeated line of “Get down on all fours / Get your fangs out”.

One thing we definitely love about Kat Koan is the fact that she’s decided to completely eschew the hopeless downward spiral of pushing her music out through Spotify and other streaming channels that abuse and bankrupt independent musicians: the album is only out on vinyl and Bandcamp; the (video) single is only on youtube.

The video is an Ode to Berlin and what this city is all about: a colourful dirty messy haven for free spirited people. It was shot by Patrick Tichy and features my awesome friends Megumi Eda and Tish William Wood, two insanely talented ballet dancers, who embody the sense of freedom and liberation I was keen to express. 

Kat Koan

Kat Koan is an artist that gives the impression of having sprung from nowhere fully formed: No twenty-year old, she comes from a career in London’s film production world, and music was an itch that was just dying to be scratched. It wasn’t until she landed back in Berlin, walked around the streets, and decided that she should move here, that she found the space to start scratching that itch.

An artist that gives the impression of having sprung from nowhere fully formed

Her first album was pure electro clash, with a raw and sometimes quite disturbing sexual energy sparking out of it. Lustprinzip established her as a determinedly independent artist to watch, and a lot of people are getting quite excited with the emergence of this new direction in Koan’s work.

The video single Slow is out today, with a video shot that follows the twists and gyrations of two dancers through the streets of late-night Berlin.

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