Apanorama is an electro outfit from Nuremberg down in south Germany, with a number of releases under their collective belt and appearances at an array of electronic music festivals around the country.

Nora writes songs on the piano, Michael is the electronics wizard that crafts what she brings to the table into epic, fluttering pillars of sound. Nora then reshapes her vocals around the layers of synth, layering and looping as she goes.

Their most recent release is Gliding Flight. The track kicks in with balanced equinimity; the vocals through the verse comprise a drily issued treatise on the principles of flight – which, surprisingly, morphs effortlessly into a floating chorus, at once ephemeral and emphatic in its repeated melodic loops. 

…morphs effortlessly into a floating chorus, at once ephemeral and emphatic in its repeated melodic loops

Michael keeps up the insistent pulse of kick and hihat and the way the two musicians’ input blends effortlessly gives a nod to the fact of their long musical collaboration; and perhaps their romantic relationship too.

oddly emotional slant…leading into a gorgeous chorus

With a tentative beginning, with a heavily reverbed cowbell over a sparse kick and synth wash, Nora’s spoken vocals start explaining the concepts of glided flight, lending it an oddly emotional slant, the drone in the background beefs up and leads us into the gorgeous chorus; before we return to what ends up sounding like an exploration of emotional survival stitched into the dry explanation of flight.

The track is smooth as all hell, simultaneously danceable and lulling, its drone groove aspects providing the perfect undertone to the catchy chorus and dry spoken verses.

We look greatly forward to the next single to drop from this duo later on in August!

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