7IAN7 is the solo project of guitarist/producer Gianluca Silvestri. 7IAN7 mixes elements of electronic music acts like Daft Punk, Calvin Harris and Moderat with the funk/R&B and soul greats like James Brown and Al Green. 

The track Breach 2077 starts out in the way it means to continue, with a reiteratively forceful, almost abrasive synth sound barreling through your eardrums and aiming to stay right there. But there’s also a melodic movement that’s set up within the first few bars; and also within the first eight bars 7ian7 has brought in the aspect of his music that makes his electronic output step head and shoulders above other similar artists – which is his lithely diaphanous electric guitar, with thoughtful washes and swathes of sound gliding and spilling over the top of this sound patchwork.

And when the kick arrives, Breach 2077 takes off, and doesn’t come back down until the by-then-longed-for break a minute in.

It’s almost a cliché by now to talk about especially electronic  tracks “taking you on a journey” but that’s exactly what this track does, so there: I’ve said it 🙂

But the guitar is key; and spending a little time on everyone’s favourite search engine reveals that Gianluca started out in music some 20 years ago, initially with piano as a child; but then moving into jazz guitar. He moved from his native Italy to California and studied jazz guitar then under luminaries such as Scott Henderson and Art Renshaw, leaving in 1999 with an award for the most outstanding player of the year from the highly respected GIT.

It was only after a good decade and a half in the jazz and improvisational world that Gianluca moved into making electronic music, and his background has stood him in good stead, leaving him with an openness of approach and a deep knowledge of how to handle and guide music.

Gianluca aka 7IAN7 has hooked up with the well-respected label TRAUM Schallplatten and his work is to be found also on the music collection Tour De TRAUM XXIII.

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