The Australian punks from Melbourne are coming back to Berlin, their third album and hefty punches in tow.

Press Club first turned heads in 2017, when they self-released their single Headwreck. Recorded on a sweltering summer day in Australia, it’s a garage-y anthem to a lost relationship that is nevertheless still being chased. A black-and-white video done in one shot in a warehouse accompanied the song. It didn’t need any fanciness or frills, Press Club’s raw energy spoke for itself.

Headwreck ultimately made it onto the band’s debut album, Late Teens, released in 2018. Press Club had already garnered a following in their local scene by then, Late Teens was sure to put them on the international watch list as well. They sing about leaving their heart in the suburbs, recalling childhood tranquility for some, antiquated traditionalism for others. They speak about growing independent and learning to exist on one’s own, of the body changing, whether that be as a late teen or as someone who is experiencing the first signs of aging. The band plays with an intensity that sits somewhere between the hopeful and the bittersweet.

So much so that Press Club released their sophomore record Wasted Energy just a year later. It sounds anything but, is overflowing with raw power again, slick energetic song after slick energetic song. Following the release of Wasted Energy, they first emerged on the German festival stages, playing Uncle M Fest and Reeperbahn Festival in 2019. Endless Motion, the third record, was supposed to be recorded in Germany throughout 2020; another plan stunted by the pandemic. In the end, it was recorded in Melbourne, the influence of the pandemic, bushfires and local crises imprinted on it in an unforeseeable fashion. Endless Motion finally made it into the world in October 2022. Following appearances at Hurricane and Southside Festival, the band returned to Australia to start their album promotion tour. Fortunately, the AUS tour is followed by a UK and EU tour. Don’t miss out on Press Club’s powerful live performance at Berlin’s Cassiopeia on November 14th!

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