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Yann Tiersen

September 10 @ 18:30 22:00


“I think there is a great similarity between the infinitely large and the infinitely small of everything”. The way French composer and multi-instrumentalist YANN TIERSEN deals with the micro and the macro has always been reflected in his music. Sweeping piano minimalism – such as on the 2016 work “Eusa” – as well as the intensity of a whole band – for example on “Skyline” (2011) and “Infinity” (2014) – are close together here.

Since the beginning of his career in the early 90s, Yann Tiersen has been known, especially in his home country, for his multifaceted and sometimes idiosyncratic compositions. Film scores for “The Magical World of Amélie” and “Goodbye, Lenin!” finally brought him international fame in the early 2000s.

After re-releasing a collection of his previously released compositions in winter 2019 on “Portrait” and putting them in a new context, the Frenchman now announces his latest album “Kerber”, which is scheduled for release on 27 August 2021. With the new work, the musician enters undiscovered terrain for himself. Unlike on the previous albums, electronic elements dominate on “Kerber”. “When you listen to the album, you might intuitively think it’s piano music. But it’s not,” says Yann Tiersen about his new album. “In the beginning, I worked with piano melodies. But they are not the focus of the record and are rather incidental. The piano was more a foundation to create something on which the electronics can build and unfold,” he adds.

“Ker al Loch”, the musician’s current single, already gives a foretaste of what we can expect musically from Yann Tiersen in the summer. And after that, finally live again.

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