DeFi Talk #3 – Scam or Salvation? The good, the bad and the ugly in Blockchain

Spreegold Bikini Berlin Berlin, BE

After Crypto disasters and NFT rugpulls, can Blockchain still deliver it's promise? This 3rd event from our DeFi talk series features **SportFive, Tin Network, Visiblr, Rocketstar DAO, and Blockrocket (Venture Capital)** from Berlin's Blockchain and Crypto space. They will discuss the good and the evil side of Blockchain and how to separate gold from sheets. […]

Instagram For Artists

Online event

Join our virtual workshop for artists, designers, and creatives of all kinds who want to learn how to optimally use Instagram to showcase, brand, and market their work. After this workshop, you will know how to create appealing content for Instagram with the different features, present your content ideally, grow your audience and reach new […]

DeFi Talk #4: Openness and Transparency vs. Data Protection and Regulation

Denizen Köpenicker Str. 40, Berlin, BE

Connect to like-minded experts from Berlin's buzzing DeFi scene! Learn from **Avalanche, Menthol Protocol, The Standard Protocol,, Axel v. Goldbeck (Att. at law)**, how openness, transparency, data protection, and regulation work together and simultaneously against each other in the DeFi, DAO and Web3 space. !! First 20 registered attendees will receive will receive an […]

DAO Online Conversation #4 – Governance & Tokenisation of DAOs

Online event

Connect to like-minded experts from the international DAO scene! Learn from highly regarded DAOs and meet **speakers from** **international DAOs, and DAO researchers** sharing their thoughts on the governance and tokenisation of DAOs. !! First 20 registered attendees will receive an exclusive POAP for future benefits !! Google Meet URL of the event will be […]