Fat White Family

A British indie band with a deliberately off-putting sound and outlook, Fat White Family have become unlikely stars in the United Kingdom and Europe with rough-hewn music and lyrics that confront conventional standards of morality and good taste.

The band’s crude, misanthropic approach was at its strongest on their first two albums, 2013’s Champagne Holocaust and 2016’s Songs for Our Mothers. They adopted a somewhat cleaner and less confrontational approach on 2019’s Serf’s Up! and the album became a commercial success in the U.K., and 2024’s Forgiveness Is Yours was steeped in electronics and bent pop songs, while also including some of their most uncomfortably personal storytelling to date.

Formed in a squat in Peckham in 2011, the first lineup of Fat White Family featured Lias Kaci Saoudi (vocals), Adam Harmer (guitar), Saul Adaczewski (guitar), Nathan Saudi (keyboard), Joe Pancucci (bass), and Dan Lyons (drummer). The band soon garnered critical and public adulation for their scuzzy mix of rock.




May 31 2024


Cuvrystraße 7, 10997 Berlin

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