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  • Press Club Coming to Cassiopeia!
    Australian punks Press Club are promoting their third album Wasted Energy, coming to Cassiopeia in Berlin
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    Remember Sports came to Berlin's Badehaus on their first ever EU/UK tour to break and win hearts.
  • Cocoon: Kat Koan releases her long awaited album – only on vinyl and bandcamp
    Kat Koan, the bubbling-under Berlin-based electro pop artist provocateur has switched gears and made a balls-to-the-wall indie rock album called Cocoon that grabs you by your goolies and doesn’t let go. Metaphorically speaking of course. The album opens with the cheeky, upbeat Fangs Out (spoken repeated refrain: “get down on all fours / get your […]
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    September is a month for change; it signals the end of summer and the commencement of autumn. But some things luckily don’t change, like the vast amount of new exhilarating music! Here are our Top 10 tracks to be released in September: Björk- Atopos “Atopos” is the rousing first single from legendary Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk’s […]
  • Kitty Solaris returns with girls & Music
    Kitty Solaris, the woman we have long since glady granted the accolaide of ‘Berlin’s Queen of Indie’ is back with her new album ‘Girls & Music’. And indeed, back with a bang. A very danceable one. Girls & Music is the eighth album from Kitty Solaris. From the early days in the late zeroes with […]


Nov 24 - 25 2022


21:00 - 5:00

terenor records Showcase (tickets to win)

TERENOR is a cross-genre showcase of Terenor Records affiliated artists and producers. In the experimental ethos of the label, TERENOR will push boundaries as the intensity of the night rises. Recent label releases, premieres and mixes include artists like 4.44.444.8, BOD, YUI, Egregore, Jolly, SimulationSimon/Visitor01, Bak-Odo, Maury111, and more.

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Terenor 24.11.22 Aeden



November 24, 2022 at Æden Berlin 21:00 – 5:00


YUI (Hör)
Characterized by the multi-layered nature of Japanese pop culture, YUI’s DJ set experiments trampoline between J-pop to choral music, bootlegs to jazz, spoken word to chiptunes— delivering inexpressible emotional layers. She hosts radio shows and upcoming small cave events named no fake id, which only aim to represent real ids.

Bak-Odo (Terenor)
Based outside of Paris, Bak-odo works with the label and crew Technommunism and manages the Alkemist Vertigo Soundsystem. His rhythms kick high and low with the spontaneity of hardcore and fusions of style, where speed is key and rave is savage. His latest EP Hammam Break was released on Terenor Records showcasing his jungle and breakbeat production style.

Ida Engelhardt (BunkerBauer)
Producer and Resident DJ of BunkerBauer in Copenhagen, Ida Englehardt brings her hardcore soundscapes to Berlin. In Berlin, she’s previously played at Saüle, WEEEIRDOS, and ISMUS.

Egregore (Terenor)


The co-founder of Terenor Records, recently played CRUDE Berlin and closed NATURE LOVES COURAGE Festival. His productions and closing sets journey between fast bpm techno, melodic trance and unreleased records. Between chaos and harmony, the dream is lucid and the drumming heavy.

Artwork by @suresh.shshh @terenor.records

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