your ideal side hustle is right here :)


If you’re anything like me and/or most indie musicians and artists, you’re always on the lookout for an easy way of making some money on the side.

That’s exactly what I’ve got for you here. I’ve found a side hustle that I need a little help with.

My side hustle is introducing bars/cafes/restaurants (and other shops and outlets, but they’re ideal) to an incredibly easy-to-use and completely free browser-based crypto payment thing.

Your side hustle / easy way of making some money on the side – is simply to ask owners/managers of cafes/bars/restaurants if they might be open to the idea of accepting crypto as payment (note that I need the interest expressed by the manager or owner, not just the waiter or bartender).

If they say that they’re open to the idea, just get their name, number and the address of the place, and tell them that I’ll be in touch. Then I’ll ring them, organise a time when they have 10-15 minutes for me to show them how it works, and that’s it.

If they agree to the idea of using the payment tool, my next step is to have them do a social media post about it. As soon as they’ve done that, we share it on our social media channels, add them to the crypto map, and I add them to the Crypto Corner list of outlets accepting crypto in Berlin: free marketing.

Proviso: I can only pay you if they sign up to the thing. Which should be easy – it’s simple to use and it’s completely free. There’s no obligation, nothing.

Do you have questions? Ask me via my whatsapp: +4915737457915 or write to me at noel(at)

Let’s do this 🙂