The new song from indie grunge band COMA 54 takes all of fifteen seconds to establish their credentials as well as their intent: this is going to be hard-hitting grunge-influenced heavy rock (first five seconds) that jumps to poppish, catchy half-rapped bits where the guitars go quiet and let the drums and bass push the tune along (5-15 seconds).

It takes another 20 seconds or so until these two strands converge and here we have it: a perfectly put-together heavy-rock-pop single that jumps on you, hits you over the head, then grins manically in your face, stands you up, straightens your tie and then gets you to start dancing around as well.

a perfectly put-together heavy-rock-pop single

Another mark of a well-put-together pop(pish) song is that you’re quite surprised when it ends: coming in at 10 seconds below the three minute mark, there is no point in this track that things get samey or in any way boring.

Listening through their recent previous singles Saved and Wired, you quickly get a sense that the thing that makes them stand out from most other heavy-rock and grungey bands is their ability to put together tuneful and catchy vocal melodies and harmonies – and then sing them well. You wouldn’t necessarily think that was such a rare talent, but it is.

you’re quite surprised when it ends: coming in at 10 seconds below the three minute mark

COMA 54 come out of Cork, Ireland and have, like so many other especially alternative musicians, moved to Berlin to do their thing. This is Berlin’s gain and Ireland’s loss, but we’re okay with that. They’ve also done a good thing by signing to the new Berlin indie rock label ORIAN Musik, run by Berlin mainstay rock musician Joey Ryan.

And their appearances at festivals in Schwerin, Berlin and Munich as well as multiple shows in the clubs of their chosen hometown are helping to slowly but firmly cement COMA 54 as an ever-more-impressive fixture in Germany’s live rock scene.

We like.

Coma 54 on Instagram | ORIAN Musik Linktree | Coma 54 Youtube

Album pic by Paul Tobin.