How to list an event on

    • You’re free to post your own concerts and events on, but first you have to register as a contributor on the site.

    • Click “Register”

    • Put in your email address and your chosen user name

    • You will be sent an email to take the next step

    • Give it a few minutes for the email to arrive, it can be a bit slow…

    • Also important: check your spam folder, it sometimes lands there (any problems with this please shoot us a whatsapp or email and we’ll help!)

    • Once you’ve set your password and logged in, you’ll find yourself in the wordpress backend / admin area of your own user account

    • From the menu on the left choose “Events” then “New Event” and voila 🙂

    • If you scroll down you’ll see where you can add location, date and time, cost etc.

    • On the right hand side you’ll see “Categories” – you can use the drop down arrow to see which categories are available and tick whichever is relevant, or add your own.

    • NB If nothing happens, please shoot us an email ( / whatsapp (+4915737457915) and let us know – also if you have any other problems!

    • The sytem also doesn’t let you include a featured image (we’re working on changing that) – if you have an image to include, put the link in the event description and/or send it to the above whatsapp address or email (

    • If you’d like to regularly contribute events please get in touch with me at the above email address and we can upgrade your user role so that you can add featured images etc.

    • Thanks!

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve things (or change things) please let us know at the contacts above! Let’s make this work for everyone!