Welcome to our brand new series where we feature new independent artists that have caught our ear. This is a (by-no-means comprehensive) list of the artists that we feel are worth checking out. Enjoy!

Madeline Rosene – Words

A new track out today from US-based indie pop singer Madeline Rosene: drenched in summer vibes, it’s a ballad with a strong US Americana vibe. Madeline’s previous releases are a little edgier and indie; this time she’s gone for the slow rocker feel; it’s almost a little mainstream for our tastes, but it’s more than saved by some interesting chord changes and touches of unexpected instrumentation that take it in a different direction. The whole is also so masterfully put together that it ended up on repeat this morning and will be all weekend…

Madeline Rosene on Instagram

Adeline V. Lopez – Icarus

Yes, I know, one does wonder if she might fly too close to the sun on this song and all that; while the song has a touch too much teen angst for us (the young lady is on the point of leaving high school and has been accepted to attend the impressive Berklee School of Music). Her song Icarus includes the lines “let go of the fireflies/ there’s no surprise” and “I don’t know if you notice / but his friend’s dead”, which aren’t honestly lines we hear in songs every day 🙂

Also worth checking out are Adelinie V. Lopez’s tracks “Fleeting Moments” and “Catharsis”

The Goodstock Project – Royal Pontoon

While their videos all seem to have been made during the covid lockdown (unless there’s another reason for them being in different rooms all the time, who knows?) – still this sounds like a band who know their way about their instruments and who know how to do a good quiet/loud rock song. They’re sitting in Manchester apparently and I’m looking forward to when they might get let out of their individual stowaways to come and play in our city 🙂 Here’s their recent single Royal Pontoon.

Here’s the Goodstock Project linktree.

The Goodstock Project with their recent single Royal Pontoon

Mike Lamitola – The River

A rumination on the healing possibilities of rivers, Boulder (Colorado) resident Mike Lamitola wears his love of meditative vibes on his sleeve. A folk song about the healing properties of rivers would be something I’d instinctually scroll straight past (that’s just me perhaps), but Lamitola’s voice and playing, plus the atmospheric, reverb-soaked sound and a strong songwriting talent make the song a lovely thing.

Mike Lamitola on Linktree

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