Kitty Solaris, the woman we have long since glady granted the accolaide of ‘Berlin’s Queen of Indie’ is back with her new album ‘Girls & Music’. And indeed, back with a bang. A very danceable one.

Girls & Music is the eighth album from Kitty Solaris. From the early days in the late zeroes with her debut album, the amusingly titled Future Air Hostess, Kitty has been one of the few who have remained on form and always utterly true to herself.

We’re probably not alone in being grateful that her predictions on how her career might proceed were off by a few degrees. Every new album from Kitty Solaris, always reliably backed up by her drummer-partner Stefan, has been a reassuringly indie-pop oriented outing, with hallmark vocal inflections and classic-Kitty world-weary-with-a-sense-of-humour lyrics.

While mostly pretty guitar-heavy and resolutely true to her professed influences of Cat Power, Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, Girls & Music sees her embrace some electronic and – dare we say it – dance influences: something that crops up every couple of albums, here and there, and to my ears always gives the Solaris touch an extra dollop of catchiness.

The second – and most recent – single off the album is Disco Blues, a case in point: kicking straight in with not only an electronic beat with spitting bursts of electronic hi-hat, but even a funky bass riff underlying – but never overshadowing – the Solaris groove.

Tonight – 7th October 2022 – Kitty Solaris is celebrating the release of her new album with a release party in Maschinenhaus, Kulturbrauerei, with support from Brazilian/Mexican/Geman indie-psych-rockers Euphoric Elephants and Pretty Average (who, it hardly needs saying, are anything but).

Main photo copyright Magdalena Zierkowska