known for blending complex emotions with poetic Turkish lyrics and her soft voice with minimalist, yet compelling arrangements. Her debut album, “Sabah,” was one of the best albums of 2015. Since then, Nilipek. has continued to shape the Turkish alternative music scene with her unique arrangements and vocal style.

The album consists of a total of 11 tracks and thousands of feelings: “Regretting, questioning, independence, lies, burning …” 

Yalan Söyledik (We Lied)

Yalan Söyledik (We Lied), the opening track of the album, captivates listeners with its postmodern, ballad-like tune. The second half of the song combines climaxes and whispers skillfully. One must admit that the language itself adds a fruitful layer to the song. The intermittent phrase, “yalan söyledik, yalan söyledik,” meaning “lied to you,” becomes a spell, gyrating in your mind.

She sings in “Geçmiyor Zaman” (The time is not passing): “My wounds are not healing, my fight is not ending” and in “Menekşe” (Violet), “ My violet, without a reason, grew pale. Even birds do not come anymore”

I see her dancing in the fire, adorned in her most beautiful dress. In the song “Köşk” (Mansion), the rapid beat seizes your heart, but as the flames rise, you feel their warmth. The fire consumes everything around her, turning the world into a spectacle of glowing embers and drifting ashes. You can’t look away; everything is burning down, turning to ashes.

Nilipek. defines the the album as a story of independence. “The songs in this album were written for the lies, the people, the situations that restrict us, that keep us where we are, that prevent us from being who we are- including ourselves.” says Nilipek., “Maybe this is why, this was the album that I felt most independent during the production process.”

Nilipek-turkish songwriter-new album-Uydurdugumuz Oyunlarla

Fotoğraf ( A photograph) 

The song seems a little sweet for this album or bittersweet maybe? You’ll get what I mean.

If you don’t read the lyrics, you might not feel the sense of loss and contemplation over the past in the song. On the contrary, the melody itself, with its soft chords and gentle drum beat, paints a picture of the end of a film: Our protagonist sits in the soft grass, gently touching the guitar. All the memories—good or bad, of family, friends, or lovers—are remembered, but nothing seems to matter anymore, except for now, watching the clouds carried by the wind.

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Credits of Artist photos: Elif Tekneci, Nur Sevval Yilmaz